Testimonials -Edge Alaska's Knives used by US soldiers in Combat

I’m a 35 year lifelong Alaskan, and have been fortunate to experience countless adventures in this great state. I constantly search for the finest products available to improve my outdoor experiences. I have three Edge Alaska knives and they are unquestionably some of the best tools I take into the bush. Whether I am slicing Dall sheep back strap for the fire, skinning a giant coastal Brownie, or butchering another 70 inch bull moose my knives are always up to the task. My knives stay sharp longer than any other knives I have used. They provide the finest quality trophy and meat care available. When your muscles ache, your stomach is empty, and you have given your hunt all it takes to reach your goals, its necessary to have " Alaska Tough " gear that wont disappoint you. I love my knives and I think you will too. Mike M.


Date of Posting: 24 March 2010
Posted By: Mike M

My name is Mark and you made a knife for me before I left for Afghanistan. I'm back now and was wondering if you could maybe tweak it a little, put a new edge on it. The knife worked wonders and performed where everyone else's spring assisted folders failed. Great piece of equipment to have on my rack. Used it many times to pry off people's locks during searches, so it's kinda dinged up.



Date of Posting: 26 February 2010
Posted By: Mark S
US Soldier, Afghanistan

Edge's knives are made with care, dedication and focus on craftsmanship. I recommend his knives to any one who desires quality and attention to detail.


Date of Posting: 07 November 2009
Posted By: Dr. Adrian
Chiropractor, Fayetteville, Arkansas


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