Mike M
Date: Mar 24, 2010

I’m a 35 year lifelong Alaskan, and have been fortunate to experience countless adventures in this great state. I constantly search for the finest products available to improve my outdoor experiences. I have three Edge Alaska knives and they are unquestionably some of the best tools I take into the bush. Whether I am slicing Dall sheep back strap for the fire, skinning a giant coastal Brownie, or butchering another 70 inch bull moose my knives are always up to the task. My knives stay ...


About Us

I've always had a fascination with edged weapons. I made my first 'kit knife' when I was 10 years old and have been hooked ever since. It took several years after completing my 'kit' before I met my first knife making mentor, Scot Self, in 1990. He taught me the fundamentals of knife making along with many other important aspects of knife construction. In 1993 while stationed at Luke AFB Arizona, I was fortunate to meet Hall of Fame knife maker, Dalton Holder. D' taught me the finer aspects of knife making. How knives should be balanced not only structurally but with color, texture and pleasing lines. In 2003 I attended the Moran school of Bladesmithing in Washington, Arkansas and learned the joy of  the forged blade under the instruction of Harvey Dean. In 2004, I returned to Washington, Arkansas to attend the course of forging Damascus instructed by Charlie Ochs. I've also been blessed with many mentors who taught me other crafts that enriched my knife making repertoire. Frank Hoene and Mike Dubber taught me metal engraving. Eric Little showed me the 'right way' to make leather sheaths.

I use the finest materials and methods available when I make a knife. My philosophy is: A knife won't leave my shop unless I'd keep it for myself . Period. Below is a picture of a majestic Afognak brown bear. One tough animal that just happened to get skinned with one of my knives. My friends asked me while in the process of skinning it, "Aren't you going to sharpen that knife?" To which I replied, "It's still cutting like nobody's business isn't it?" "Oh I guess you've got a point... and an 'Edge'".

I don't believe there is a destination when it comes to making knives. I strive for constant improvement. The many makers and mentors I've met make this journey of steel more than worthwhile. My hope is to, in some small way, give back real value to this wonderful community of artists and knife users.

My guarantee is simple: If any of my knives ever fail to hold and edge simply return it to me for re-sharpening or replacement.

Custom knives and self defense

"Life began out here in the wilds, not in the city as so many are inclined to believe. So treat this place as if your life depended on it... Because it does."

Edge Alaska Custom Knives and self defence

Edge Alaska is located in Anchorage, Alaska.

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